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What are you waiting for? I never thought I'd get passionate enough over laundry to write about it, but these guys are so good i just have to spread the word! The service is incredible. Drop my laundry off before I go to bed (I'm nocturnal) and pretty much by the time I wake up it's there, always clean and fresh but never smelling of any cheap nasty 'meadowy' detergent, ready to get dirty all over again! The customer service is impeccable, the staff helpful and friendly, if you don't already use Laundry Locker you have no excuse! Start now, and you'll never dread the idea of laundry again! More Reviews
- Stephanie W.

AWESOME SERVICE: I can no longer complain about having to set aside time to do laundry or having to leave work early to make it in time to pick up my dry cleaning. Laundry Locker's services are amazing! My wash and fold, shirts for laundering, and dry cleaning get picked up right from my building and are dropped back off faster than I was ever picking them up from local or downtown places before. The website, email updates, and ability to pay via credit card are all really great features as well. Love this service, will continue to use it more in the future and recommend it to other folks like me who are busy from 8 AM to 6 PM during the week, and do not want to spend time on the weekends hunting down laundry and dry cleaning from earlier in the week (or just hate doing laundry....) More Reviews
- Benny L.

Laundry Locker is awesome. I can drop off and pick up my dry-cleaning 24/7. Their service has been great and I can see pics of my clothes online to confirm that they got everything and are keeping track of it. I even get text messages and emails to remind me to pick up my dry-cleaning. More Reviews
- Jordan A.

So easy to use. They have lockers in my building. Just drop my stuff in the locker in the two provided bags (wash/fold and dry cleaning). They pick it up and voila they return it. More Reviews
- Mark V.

Great experience. As a busy person who travels all the time Laundry Locker is the perfect solution. I was able to deposit my laundry at my convenience and pick it up at my convenience. Laundry was ready early and they emailed me to let me know that I could come to get it. Two thumbs up! More Reviews
- Brando J.

I was a bit of skeptic when we set up Laundry Locker to do pick up/delivery at my office, but I'm finding myself using it all the time. The convenience is obviously huge, but I also love the online order & payments. And best of all, I can pick my detergent, temperature - you name it. Love it! More Reviews
- Janet J.

Laundy locker is by far one of the best companies I have used for dry cleaning. They are fast, clean and always on time. Thank you laundry locker for taking care of this part of my life! More Reviews
- Robert M

The quality, convenience and excellent service is what makes Laundry Locker awesome! Their online ordering system allows you to make notes about special care items, stains...etc. I love the 24 hour turn-around and the convenience of 24 hour drop-off/pick-up. And, there's always a live human being that answers emails and provides excellent service. More Reviews
- Dana M.

Stellar service! Drop off downstairs, receive email confirmations for pick-up and return delivery, pick-up from downstairs. Everything from a king sized down comforter to wool coats or simple sweater tops - everything comes back beautifully cleaned and packaged - meaning hung neatly on wire hangers. All items are carefully and discreetly tagged (for identification purposes) and even has little clips and such to keep clothes from sliding off the hangers. Very nice touch. More Reviews
- Denise M.

I have a long train commute on top of long hours, anything that'll minimize how much time I spend of my precious free time running errands is a good thing. With Laundry Locker, I simply drop off my stuff at my apartment concierge any time 24 hours a day and the next day it's back clean. I just pick it up along with my mail. Nice. No struggling to get the the dry cleaners before they close or spending time on the weekends dealing with it. More Reviews
- Regina M.

I Heart laundry locker. Everything is so organized and nice and clean with no foul odors when you get your clothes back. The best part, you just leave your clothes at the concierge and it's back to you the next day. Can't get easier than that. Thanks for making my life that much simpler, Laundry Locker. More Reviews
- Linda C.

Laundry Locker, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... I think Laundry Locker is pure genius! I don't have a washer and dryer in my apartment and also don't have the time during the day to make it to the laundromat or the dry cleaners. So instead, I trundle a bag stuffed full of my laundry and drop it off at midnight, 1am, whenever I happen to realize that I no longer have any clean clothes to wear to work! Laundry Locker remembers my preferences (soap, fabric softener etc) and so it's super easy to place my order online. I love that I get a text message when my order is picked up and when it is fulfilled. It's so darn EASY it's almost criminal. My clothes come back clean and neatly folded and all I have to do is unwrap them and put them in my drawers. Presto! Modern convenience at its best! More Reviews
- Venessa B.

Laundry Locker is a must for any working professional who needs dry cleaning. Most options have unrealistic hours (9am-6pm for example), are super expensive, do not accept credit cards, and have an incomprehensible staff. Enter the breath of fresh air that is Laundry Locker. Always available, quick, affordable, hospitable service, great results with the clothes, are the main qualities of this wonderful service. If there is a problem with anything, call up the team, and they connect you with a real person who resolves the problem on the spot. Also, they don't use any harmful chemicals. I will be using Laundry Locker as long as it's convenient. Thanks! More Reviews
- Nicollete M.

I really can't say enough good things about laundry locker, but here's just a few reasons why they are awesome. - They pickup and deliver right to my apt! No walking in the cold or rain, no driving. It's like VIP laundry service, and there's no extra charge for this!They love the planet. With eco-hangers and planet friendly practices you can feel good about these guys. - You can play "big brother" with your laundry. They take pictures of all of your laundry so you can see it online and send them any additional notes you might have like "extra starch" or "fix that third button from the bottom". Wondering if you dropped off that shirt? Just look for it online. More Reviews
- Jose G.

Wait, you mean I can just leave all my dirty clothes in a locker and then come back the next day and they're all pressed and cleaned and hanging in a bright blue bag? This is one of my favorite things. They're service has consistently improved since I signed up over a year ago. Nothing but applause from me. More Reviews
- Ian T.

I could not live without this. Like, really. Before finding Laundry Locker I always was a fan of the wash and fold joints. To me that was like the best thing since sliced bread. But then I discovered LL's service. HELLO! I'd say it's even cheaper than all the wash and fold places in my neighborhood and it's back there the next day. I don't think I've ever even lost a sock. Try it out. Life changing. More Reviews
- Alex K.

Laundry Locker turned out to be awesome. The fact that I can drop off anytime (9-5 rarely works for me) and get almost always next day service is fantastic. It's cheaper than everything else in my neighborhood and even beats the service at work. More Reviews
- Travis F.

These guys really do provide a quality service, fast turn a round, pick up and drop off in 1 day plus great & responsive customer service. Overall great quality and value. I have been using them for 1 + years and a very happy customer! More Reviews
- Dave D.

I had ignored Laundry Locker for a year, but I signed up, and I have discovered that they have given me the gift of a couple of hours a month. My wife and I are free of wasting time on our laundry. Laundry Locker is so CONVENIENT!: I take the elevator down to their locker after working out at the SF Bay Club, drop off gym clothes (wash & fold), shirts, slacks and jackets. I keep a continuous change of fresh clothes in my office. No more schlepping clothes back and forth on the commuter bus. And I just learned that they RECYCLE hangers and plastic bags. And the price? Even my super cheap wife thinks it is a VERY GOOD VALUE--hey, that's her highest compliment! The Laundry Locker guys bring Internet savvy to a commodity business and give great service. Awesome. More Reviews
- David B.

Laundry Locker has been a god-send for my massage practice. I work in the financial district and there are few laundry services nearby. Of those that are, I was quoted upwards of $5 per sheet for laundry (I visited three that were within walking distance and all were outrageously priced). Laundry Locker has a public kiosk 2 blocks away from my office, and once a week I drop my sheets off and pick them up the next day. They are consistent, offer a fragrance-free option and also offer several plans and prepayment options that have saved me money. Well worth it for my needs. More Reviews
- Joel B.

Ok, so they now added SMS ordering, so all I need to do is text in my order and they come and pick up my laundry. Seriously. It doesn't get any better. I can't possibly recommend this service more. When I have a lot of laundry in my basket I log on to their website, click a few buttons, and put my laundry in the appropriate bags. I come home to clean and folded laundry. What more do you really need?? More Reviews
- Gabriel M.

I love you Laundry Locker. I've tried four different laundry delivery services in SF and this is by far the absolute BEST! 1. Completely automated - I hate talking on the phone and with this process, I never once had to talk to a human. 2. Set it and forget it - Sorry infomercial, I think Laundry Locker has you beat with this. You truly just leave your dirty clothes and 24 hours later... WHAM! Clean clothes all nicely folded! 3. SMS integration?!?!?! I just send a text message and they'll get your clothes. You don't even have to go to the website. Score!! What do you have to lose? Try it, you'll totally wonder how and why you ever did laundry? Plus, you seriously gain so much free time using a service like this. Love you Laundry Locker. XOXO. More Reviews
- Matt Y.

I've always found the axiom 'the greatest thing since sliced bread' to be a little silly. I mean, there have been inventions since the factory bread-slicing that have made my life simpler: cell phones and ATMs to name a couple, plus Google has certainly given my brain more room to breathe. And I would certainly rather slice my own bread than take my clothes to the dry cleaner. And so, for that reason, I can say without a hint of sarcasm or hyperbole that Laundry Locker is the greatest invention since ...before sliced bread (with the possible exceptions of ATMs, cell phones and Google). Here's how it works: I put my dirty dry cleaning in a bag, I put the bag in a locker (that's conveniently located), then I go onto the web site and tell them it's there. Sometimes, because my short-term memory is Swiss cheese, I forget to go to the web site. No matter! The people of Laundry Locker are like all-knowing Oracles, and they pick up my clothes anyway. They text me when they've picked it up, they text me when they've returned it. They do great work and the turnaround is usually no more than a day or two. So, sit down, bread slicing. You pale in comparison. More Reviews
- Richard T.

Simply the best laundry/drycleaning experience available. Great work and no more hassle with drop-off. Miniscule premium to pay for no more waiting in line/parking tix for drop-off at old school locations. Never thought I wld say it about a drycleaning establishment, but I love these guys! More Reviews
- David R